Why We’re Better Than Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

When most people face foreclosures, they are unhappy about the treatment meted on them by the foreclosure lenders and their auctioneers. At times, it may be a small local bank seeking to possess your house for an auction, but often, it could be the Internal Revenue Service seeking to recover years in undeclared taxes and acquire backdated taxes.Rushing to get your foreclosure defense attorney will not help if you are in breach of a tenancy agreement or sale of property contract. Your best bet is to consult us so that we can offer you a solution towards financial recovery. Let us help you avoid the many challenges that come with a foreclosure notice. Here are some reasons why your foreclosure defense attorney may not be the best help you need in the wake of an impending foreclosure.

a. Foreclosure Attorneys Won’t help You Sell

Your best bet in foreclosure is to sell your house or lease it so that you can recover some of the monies you may have defaulted and essentially pay the lender.

Most lenders seek to get compensation for the months of default, as well as the value of the money owed. Getting the principle amount less, the interest can be an excellent start to getting to good books with the lenders.

The foreclosure defense attorney will not help you sell or lease your apartment. They thus cannot guarantee that you will not be evicted soon. It is important to ensure that you have an expert who will help you with your real estate problems as well as offering you financial solutions.

b. The Lender Has Attorneys Too

When you call upon your attorneys to help you with a real estate problem, so does the lender. You find yourself having to deal with lawyers who are probably better than yours.

At times, the concern with the opponent’s attorneys is that they seek to make your financial situation more complicated. For instance, instead of the foreclosure for the property, they may seek court orders to attach other assets you may have to recover their money.

It is thus wise to avoid legal situations that only result in further catastrophe in your financial problems.

c. We Avoid Damning Legal Battles

When you approach us, our first approach is not to look for legal loopholes like the foreclosure defense attorneys. We seek a financial solution for you.

We do this by offering you a reasonable price for your house to get you moving to a different apartment, probably within Hollywood, and settled soon.

Since we buy houses in Hollywood, we are best placed to offer you the market price you need to be on your way to financial recovery.


Eventually, in the face of foreclosure, you want to avoid as many problems as possible. Already, you are a defaulter, seeking some form of repudiation to minimize your financial woes. Getting a foreclosure defense attorney only drags you into a lengthy court battle that you may not always win. Similarly, if you do lose, you face auctioneers, and the foreclosure comes into effect with little resistance from you or any of your close friends. With our help, you get to avoid a terrible credit rating and keep some money with a good house sale.

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