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Foreclosure is like the proverbial ‘sword of Damocles.’ You feel like the weight of the entire world is on you and definitely would feel stressed. Lengthening the process, it takes to dispose of your house can further put a strain on your financial situation. That’s why it may not help to consult a realtor in this situation. The National Association of Realtors registers a realtor, and their role is to get you, buyers. Thanks to the procedures needed, you may not have enough time to complete the sale.Call us up, and get the deal done legitimately, with the right papers processed and proof of sale certificate as well. We offer you the best prices in Hollywood, Florida. Here are several reasons why we are better than your realtor.

Realtors get you a Buyer, We Buy Houses

Using a realtor is like using a middle man in a transaction. Do you need one? The realtor will take a cut from your income as they are legally allowed to keep a percentage of the sale as their income. You are better off selling the house without an intermediary. Due to your present financial situation, you need all the money you can get. Middlemen like realtors and real estate agents only eat into your income. We offer you a price for the house and buy it ourselves. We can buy any property in Hollywood; thus, you do not need to worry about the location, size, or value of your house.

Realtors get you Offers, we give you the Market Price

The realtor can evaluate the cost of your house based on experience. However, they are not mandated to offer you the best price, but to show you alternative buyers interested in your home. These offers can all be outside the range within which you consider a reasonable price for the house. While you may have time to negotiate with potential buyers, it eventually becomes tiresome and a grueling task. Let us help you realize value by giving you a price; you will feel that it appreciates and values your property. You may require money, but we are not here to shake you down for your property.

Avoid the Unnecessary House viewings by Potential Buyers

One common thing that most realtors do not tell you about is the constant house viewings.

Potential customers do not pay to view houses. They book a date, and maybe you will be there to show them around. Unfortunately, not all potential buyers can offer serious bids. You thus end up with many house viewings that may not add value to the process and only stress you further. Our work is to minimize all these issues as we do not discriminate. We buy practically all the houses as long as we can agree.


When interested in selling a house, you probably want to get the best offer soon. You may find yourself in a difficult financial situation and thus may not have the luxury to listen to many offers. Your realtor will probably introduce you to a couple of interested buyers who may offer you a significantly low asking price. It is thus essential to consider an option that will get you out of this fix sooner than later. With us, we get an evaluation for your house and offer you a price for it in record time. As your realtor continues to seek buyers, we outmatch the time it will take you to dispose of the house and offer you a competitive price for it.

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