How to Avoid Shady Investors

Buying a house can be one of the most stressful activities you will ever get to do. Many Americans live in rented apartments, while a significant number has a mortgage on their houses. When one is unable to pay their mortgage, the alternative is often to sell the house. Selling a house can be a good solution to restore your liquidity and pay off some debtors.Unfortunately, in the process, you expose yourself to shady investors who may eventually scam you off your hard-earned property.The intention of the con-men is to get you to sign over the property and surrender the deed without paying for it. Here are a few ways to ensure you don’t end up becoming a victim of housing scammers in North Miami, Florida.

Get your Facts Straight

Selling a house is not a simple transaction. There are a lot of details involved. A house deed transfer is also a process that needs to beregistered, other than having a witness, who is often a commissioner of oaths (lawyer). Many scammers take advantage of naive sellers and con them about the process, asking them to trust the documents they provide. Often, the scammer is aware of the process and takes advantage of minor loopholes to steal from property owners.

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Consult a Reputable Real Estate Agent

A reliable housing agent is not only registered by the State of Florida to foresee real estate transactions, but they are also able to help you in several ways.

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Reputable agents also ensure that you get you paid for the transaction, as you transfer ownership. You thus won’t get conned off your property without proper compensation.

Always Maintain a Paper Trail

Every transaction needs to be well tracked. A paper trail ensures that you can easily prove ownership, even when you lose some of the
documents such as the title deed or your social security card.

Common paper trail transactions you need are; the contract signed and sealed by the purchasing and selling parties, witnessed by a commercial lawyer. These documents can come a long way to prove your case in the event of a legal dispute concerning a house you paid and did not get compensated for.


Selling a house in North Miami can be a difficult task. Many cons masquerade as housing agents, and eventually con you off the property
without paying the asking price. It is essential to get your facts straight and understand when to release documents such as title deeds,
especially in cases where the transaction is done in phases. If you are new to this, it may help to get assistance from a reputable housing
agent. We buy houses in North Miami, and thus will always get you a good deal for your house and ensure you are paid in full.

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