Don ‘t Wait for the Auction Date

Auctions are often the financial events that dispose of a house that has been foreclosed on. The auctioning party will either be a bank or a registered auctioneer working in place of a bank or other financial institution linked to the property. Auctions are somewhat transparent events that ensure that all items on sale are sold to the highest bidder or the person who meets the cut off price soonest. As a homeowner in North Miami Beach, auctions can be quite stressful and unfortunate.When an auctioneer comes to your home, the intention is to take over what you have and make money out of your financial woes. You will likely lose everything and be forced to seek an alternative, if not, you may be rendered homeless. However, you do not have to despair in the wake of bad debt and impending foreclosures. My advice to you is to consult us so that we can help you with your real estate financing problems before the auction date can be set. Here is a look at why foreclosures can be damning to you and to your family.

Auctions Can Bankrupt You

Auctions are done based on a specific set of rules and procedures that are not only slow but chaotic as well. The auctioneer is often under instructions to recover money for the lender. As such, they place no value to your property or sentimental belongings.

In the event of an auction, you do not get to earn anything from the sale of your property. You watch as someone else takes over while you are left with little or no legal recourse.

If you do not have a backup plan for where to live or how to stabilize your life, the aftermath of foreclosure can often be that you are rendered bankrupt.

Foreclosure Happens Sooner than You Expect

We buy houses in North Miami. This gives us an upper hand in realizing the foreclosure dates for most homes. From our years of vast experience in the North Miami real estate market, we have realized that foreclosures often happen faster than the homeowner can fathom.

By the time you engage a foreclosure defense attorney, you are facing a possible auction in a few weeks, and you may have been unprepared for this. As the attorney maneuvers through loopholes in the loan agreement to buy you time, you realize that you are already in trouble, and your options are limited.

Instead of waiting for the auction date to seal your fate, why don’t you engage us, so that we can help you salvage some pride and some money as well?

Foreclosures can be Stressful and Embarrassing

For any homeowner, seeing the auctioneers at your house must be among the most challenging experiences you will have to go through. Unfortunately, many homeowners experience this problem. You can be at home with your wife and kids, and someone asks you to pack up and leave. Explaining some of these things to your kids is not easy, and so is the fact that you may end up homeless soon.

The worst part is that as you are forcibly evicted from the building, you once called home; the neighborhood will often notice your woes. Hardly anyone will help you through this better than we can. Call us soon, and begin on the path of avoiding an unnecessary foreclosure. We’ll show you how!


Foreclosure is probably the worst experience most Americans go through. Not only is the impending doom of homelessness overwhelming, but the county sheriff also arrives sooner than expected to enforce your eviction. Instead of waiting until it is too late, you can avoid this embarrassment and make a sound decision to sell your property to us. We will offer a flexible, stress free path for you, where you can acquire another home and avoid the lenders who can indeed foreclosure on you and ruin your credit for decades.

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