4 Tips that can help you sell your home during COVID-19

Selling a home is always a task. Finding the perfect buyer, dealing with showings, inspections, and intense paperwork could leave you overwhelmed. However, the situation turns out to be more critical when you are trying to sell your home during COVID 19 pandemic.

Though the government and authorities have permitted real estate activities, the fear of COVID-19 and certain local laws might affect the sale of the property. So, if you are looking for ways in which you can sell your home during COVID-19, here’s the guide that may be of value to you:

Virtual Showings

A virtual showing to the prospective buyer can be very helpful when planning to sell your house.

Since physical contact have been limited during the present situation, virtual showings could be planned. This brings more peace and comfort to both you the seller and the buyer during the pandemic and relieve some fear of an actual meeting. This can be done through the sharing of photographs, video showing, or video calls, as per the convenience of the buyer.

 Traditional- In Person Showings

After a virtual showing, if you have serious buyers that insist on seeing the property, you can simply plan for personal showings through an agent or by placing a lockbox on the property if it is vacant. Ensure showings are scheduled at specific times for each buyer to avoid larger group contact. Considering the need for safety and health, make sure you only plan for personal showings by following all the precautionary steps.  Ensure there is hand sanitizer and each buyer wear a face mask before entering the property. If the property is not vacant, be sure to keep a safe distance from the buyers.

Inspection & Appraisals

When allowing inspections and appraisals to complete their work, like the traditional showings, inspectors and appraisers should also stick with the safety guidelines such as wearing masks and gloves while doing their jobs. Moreover, property owners should maintain a safe distance from the inspector and appraiser and ensure that when they have completed their work, you sanitize all the property when the inspector/appraiser leaves.

Remote Closings

You can simply plan ahead and inform the title company that you want to conduct a remote closing. Paperwork can be signed electronically and/or a mobile notary can be used. If buyers and you the seller have all the necessary resources required for documentation and electronic signatures, then selling your home during COVID-19 would not be a challenge it can be done. Best of all after the sale is completed, your cash can be wired directly into your bank account or a check mailed out to your address from the title company.

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